Business Law

New Businesses:
Choosing the right business structure for a new or existing business is a crucial step. The structure you choose will affect how you operate your business. The Firm offers clients guidance on which business type is appropriate (LLC, Corporations, Partnerships, etc.). We take the steps to file the business entity with the state, draft the appropriate organizational documents, and keep your entity and its important documents up to date according to state regulations. When finished, your business will have its own imprinted and well organized company binder for you to take to your home or office.

Existing Businesses
After filing your business with the state you must comply with company and corporate formalities such as holding annual minutes, adopting By Laws, Operating Agreements, and issuing shares of stock and/or membership certificates. The Firm offers these services to help protect your business.

The Duarte Law Firm represents both buyers and sellers in the purchase and/or sale of businesses. We assist with contract negotiations and we prepare all appropriate legal documents to evidence the transfer.