Real Estate

The Firm has represented banks and individual lenders with their loan transactions. We assist lenders by examining title to the collateral property, running tax, lien and UCC-1 searches, and drafting the appropriate loan documents for execution. We offer our clientele competitive rates without sacrificing of quality service.

The Firm protects our client’s interests throughout the process of buying and/or selling their home or property.  We assist our clients in the following areas:

  • Reviewing real estate contracts
  • Negotiating real estate contracts
  • Examining title
  • Conducting lien searches
  • Consulting with mortgage financing
  • Satisfying lender requirements
  • Handling escrows and deposits
  • Mediating disputes
  • Transactional closings

The Firm will prepare and review all the necessary legal documentation to ensure all of your rights and best interests stay protected. We coordinate with realtors, mortgage brokers, banks, surveyors, and seller’s attorneys to ensure every transaction is conducted with complete diligence. Once your transaction is closed, we continue to assist our customers with the issuing title insurance policies to owners as well as the disbursement of funds.

When selling a real estate property, The Firm will prepare all the necessary documents to convey and/or transfer title to the buyer. We verify taxes, association fees, and mortgage payoffs on behalf of our clients. We confirm all items on the Settlement Statement to ensure accuracy and represent our clients at the time of closing. We ensure that our clients receive their closing funds appropriately and will promptly address any issues that may arise throughout the course of the transaction.